Invitation of Quotation for Installation of Public Address System in the Conference Hall

Solicitud de ofertas

Información general

   17 de Abr, 2018
   1) The price quoted should be inclusive of all taxes and ancillary costs like transportation charges, installation costs etc. No additional cost shall be paid for such purposes.
2) The quotation should invariably be accompanied by manufacturer’s information brochure of the articles quoted for.
3) The articles as per quality and specifications are to be delivered and installed in the Conference Hall of NABARD office premises within seven days from getting the order for supply. Articles not conforming to quality and specifications will be summarily returned.
4) After successful installation of the machines all the payments shall be made through e-payments only; the bidders should take care to furnish their correct bank details at the appropriate place in the quotation format
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Datos para contacto

Odisha Regional office,2/1, Nayapalli Civic Centre,Bhubaneswar - 751015
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